My name is Luca Nils Schmid.

How I learned to program

My favourite hobby is programming. I started my apprenticeship as a mediamatic technician (yes, that's a thing) at Somedia in 2012. During that time I got to work in many different departments. Their Web-agency, their consumer print product department, the IT-department (which doesn't have a Website) and the Video-agency. As part of my training @swisspidy taught me some basic HTML, CSS and PHP. After a few weeks of that I was moved to the IT department. At that point, I didn't even know what an array was. During that time I started creating my own little Websites at home. I love to dabble and constantly learn new things. On the Christmas-holiday in 2013 I found an easy introduction course on jQuery. I hardly even knew how to spell JavaScript. But I loved the idea of creating more dynamic Websites. After that I wanted to make my first real Website. I chose to do it in WordPress. I started to create some plugins for the framework because I didn't like the existing solutions. None of the plugins I made were any good. They all sucked. Mainly because I was to lazy to RTFM. The manual actually wasn't that great tough. When working on Reloadr (something like live reload) it was hard to find documentation for some APIs. Some thinks I couldn't figure out just by trying. So started to read some of the WordPress source-code. Finally in 2014 I created a Github-account in order to publish Lightr. It was a really bad, but working code-highlighter which I seem to have never actually managed to push to the repo. During that time I also started to host my stuff on my own virtual hosts. I worked with Fabian Hauser at the time. He helped me greatly with my experiments with Linux. I got bored with WordPress fairly quickly and started dabbling with node.js in January of 2015. That's when I really learned JavaScript. Then in March I discovered Meteor. I loved it, because it was really easy to get into. Then I went on to create a few projects in Meteor.

➜  lucaschmid.net git:(master) ✗ ll ~/Software/nodejs/meteor | wc -l

Around April I joined the Linux system administration team at work. There I got to know Apache, MySQL and Linux. In December I went to a Drupal team. At the time of this writing I'm still part of that team.


Here are things I spent considerable time on learning. They are orderd by skill-level.


  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Bash
  • Elm


  • Node.js
  • Rx.js
  • Cycle.js
  • Express/Koa
  • Grunt/Gulp/Webpack
  • Docker
  • PostCSS
  • Riot.js
  • React
  • Angular


  • Meteor
  • MEAN(-ish)[1]
  • WordPress
  • Drupal


  • VIM
  • Git/hg
  • tmux


  • MongoDB
  • MySQL

[1]: Without the A


I wrote about some of my Projects on the projects page

Most of my work (including this Website) is on my Github profile.

I am a somewhat active member of Stack Overflow.

Sometimes I also like to do challenges on Code Wars.